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"The Secret Inner Circle of Entrepreneurs Who Can Make Your Business 473% More Profitable!"

“ Give me 90 days and I’ll personally walk you through my simple, step-by-step proven partnering system to turn your current situation into a highly productive, clearly defined,  stress-free, powerful partner leveraging platform ...cranking out profits on demand - Guaranteed!”

- Ken McArthur

Dear Thought Leader,

Congratulations for thinking big and being special! 

The Impact System is unique. It's the world's only PROVEN comprehensive mentoring, marketing and partnering building system focused entirely on making sure that your ideas, products and services spread like wildfire to millions of people each day through the amazing leverage of science, technology, collaboration, marketing and partnering -- to build solid profits for your business or organization.

It only takes minutes to get started, but builds profits and relationships that can last a lifetime.

This new adventure will take your visibility, reach and profits to a new level that you can’t even imagine right now by leveraging the power of clear direction, knowledge and community.

You see, I want to share a little secret with you...

Sometimes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is smaller than you think.

Here's a little story that will show you what I mean.

CouchOn a beautiful late spring afternoon, six years ago, two friends sat on a couch at one of my events. They were very much alike. Neither one of them had graduated from college, both had solid work habits, both were personable and both—as most people who attend my events are—were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

After the event they went their separate ways and completely lost touch, but several years later they both found themselves back together sitting on a couch at another event.

They were still fairly alike. Both were happily married. Both had children. And both, it turned out, had tried to build a successful business.

But there was a big difference. One of the friends was still struggling working his "day job" for close to minimum wage.  He was still wondering what he should do to be successful and still chasing the next big dream six years later.

In the same amount of time, the other friend had put together a joint venture, sketched out LITERALLY on the back of a napkin at one of my events and built a world-class business.  In fact, he had just sold his share of that business -- for multiple millions of dollars.

Can You Spot The Difference Between Them?

What was it—the defining factor—that made such a vast difference in the quality of the two friends' lives?

After all, they started out with the same chances for success, sat on the same couch, had the same opportunities. So why did one friend earn a hundred times as much as the other?

Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? It isn't intelligence or talent or dedication. It's not that one person wants success and the other doesn't.

The difference lies in what each person does with what they know
and the people they surround themselves with.

One friend figured out exactly what he should be doing, took action all the way to completion and leveraged the secret power he gained by working with a great community of giving people. The other one didn't have a clear direction and tried to figure everything  out on his own. He ended up making a ton of mistakes that could have been avoided with some very helpful people in a very giving community of top-level experts and entrepreneurs.

Event Pictures

Because , we can do so much more working together
than we can ever do working alone.

And that is why I'm writing to you today. To give you the direction, inspiration, support and most importantly the people you need— to gain knowledge, plus crucial direction, insight and partners to get your ideas, products and services noticed, and motivate millions of people to spread the word about everything that you do.

Why? So you can make money while you deliver value and make a personal difference in a very noisy world.

The Truth Is, It's Getting Harder, NOT Easier to Cut through today's NOISE and build your Personal Success Story!

David Shenk, in his book "Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut," states that in 1971 we were exposed to an average of 560 advertising messages per day. By 1997 that number had grown to over 3,000. Today conservative estimates put it at over ten thousand! That's each and every day!

Think about it: Every time you flip through a newspaper or magazine, you encounter hundreds of ads. Add to that everything from TV and radio ads to product placements, billboards, direct mail and postcards, ads on the Internet from every direction (an hour of surfing on the web can easily yield more than a thousand ads), ads on the sides of trucks, vans, signs hung on telephone poles, telemarketing ads, door-to-door salesman, the list goes on. You can easily see how they pile on quickly!

Everywhere we turn we're being bombarded with ads from any and every direction. And therein lies the problem.

How do we get our ideas, products and services noticed, much less acted upon, in such a noisy crowded world?

It gets worse when you consider that the number of ad impressions we get every day is growing, and will only continue to do so. Ten thousand ads a day today may be 365,000 ads a year, but what happens when we hit 20,000 ads a day? Or 30,000? After all, it's just a matter of time.

That's one of the reasons why businesses that always found it easy to turn a profit are starting to see their customer base dry up. They're finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their growth, even seeing income they once took for granted shrivel up and die.

And forget it if you're a newcomer to the entrepreneurial world. The odds are stacked higher against you than they ever were in the history of mankind!

But Don't Blame Yourself! Here's The REAL Culprit...

Most people who try to build their dreams go about it completely wrong. In fact, I'd wager that over 99% of them are clueless when it comes to marketing and partnering that gets real results.

You can't blame them. They go about it the same way everyone is doing it, because they're stuck in the procedural traps. The blind leading the blind.

Chances are if you were to dip your toe in the water and join them, you'd make the same mistakes, throwing money away at ineffective products and services  that suck your wallet dry like a creek in the Sahara!

There are some brutally effective ways to market your product or service and build a solid business or non-profit organization — some even call them "unfair". I'll tell you about a few of them in a moment...

But first, consider this: Even if 99% of all entrepreneurs, experts, authors, coaches, speakers, corporate leaders or non-profit visionaries  are getting it wrong when delivering their message, building a solid platform and leveraging partnerships, the other 1% are getting solid returns on their investments. I'm talking 250%, 400%, 725% or MORE!

And that's the real problem for you. The more times a person is exposed to a truly solid idea, product or service every day, the more effectively you are locked out . People who know what really works  are competing with you and mopping the floor with your hard fought efforts in the process!

I imagine there may have been times in your life, perhaps even now, when you wonder how you're going to pay your bills next month, whether your newest product will sell or bomb, and if you can sustain, even multiply, your income. Even the market leaders worry about the slump "just around the corner." After all, what would happen to their income?

In fact, maybe you're even facing a new situation right now that is so challenging, you're grasping at straws to make a consistent profit. You wake up each morning with the same problems on your mind from the night before, and you just want to turn over and go back to sleep.

Failing is not an option, but you're still struggling to find the right strategies to get you the successes you need and deserve, after all of your efforts. Perhaps you've hit a brick wall when it comes to electrifying your prospects and converting them to eager buyers. I believe that would make anyone anxious.

You especially dread the possibility of shouting from the mountaintop about your latest product, only to be answered with silence: no leads, no sales. Or spending a small fortune only to discover later that your money would have been better spent elsewhere. Doesn't anyone want this product? Why are sales of my best sellers suddenly declining? Is this a prediction of things to come? You ponder these questions and wonder if your business is headed for Chapter 7.

Think about the reasons you went (or are thinking about going) into business for yourself. Sure, we all want to be successful, but for many folks, they want to be their own boss, to run things the way they see fit. To be financially free and have extra time for leisure activities and the family.

The money is definitely a big perk—when things go right. But what is money, really? It's nothing by itself. No, the true advantage to having more money is the freedom it brings you. The freedom to live out your dreams, to travel and see the world, to lead a quality of life we all strive to attain.

We all want to eliminate money worries for good, bump ourselves into a higher bracket. No more going to bed at night with that all-too-familiar stress and anxiety, bile burning up from your esophagus as you reach for another Tums. Just peaceful easy sleep. Life is good!

Except... most business owners find out that just the OPPOSITE is true. They give up all their free time, their family time, their hobbies and passion that makes life worth living. That peaceful sleep never comes. They end up being a slave to their business, working 18 or more hours a day just to put food on the table, hoping success is "just around the corner."

Sadly, often it isn't. According to the Entrepreneur Magazine, 94% of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. Many budding entrepreneurs often crawl back to their old job or start looking for a new one when their business is thrown under the bus.

Except Here's What They Don't Tell You

There are 4 main reasons that I've found for the majority of these businesses going belly up:

  • No clear direction

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lousy marketing

  • Trying to do it alone.

Have any of these problems, and it's like trying to fill a leaking bucket. You may be able to keep the bucket from draining for a little while, but as soon as the water runs out, it's only a matter of time before you're dodging creditors again.

After finding your direction and focus, lousy marketing is usually the biggest of the problems, because if you have a solid marketing plan with REAL "in the trenches" results, it's not often difficult to find funding.

Heck, one booming marketing campaign could solve all the money problems for the foreseeable future.

But ... When you starting adding the leverage of a supportive community magic happens.

But there's that pesky noise out there again! You're competing against solid professionals producing ten thousand ads. Every day. And you know it won't be long before that number doubles.

Well believe it or not, there is some good news to all this. You see, this increased chaos works just as much against your competitors as it does you. That means those who are willing to learn the principles of positioning, partnering and impact are going to be light years ahead of those who don't.

Imagine that such worrisome thoughts are the woes of other poor unfortunate businesses: your competitors! Imagine how much better it would feel to have the confidence that grows only from knowledge—the knowledge of how to automatically stack the odds of winning in your favor on each and every project you launch.

What if there was already a set of proven strategies and tactics that cut through the noise like a laser? A success formula that YOU can simply copy and paste right into your own business!

Introducing: A System Unlike Any Other

"Impact Can Get You There!"

"I think it's such an important topic and people miss it because everyone tries to market by copying other people and they forget how to stand out... You have to read Impact to understand how to stand out from the crowd. Impact can get you there."

— Rick Raddatz
CEO of

"One Of The Most Low-Key Geniuses I've Ever Met!"

"Ken McArthur is one of the most low-key geniuses I've ever met. I've never met anyone with such a big brain who had such a big heart."

— Mark Joyner
Best Selling Author - Simpleology

Jane Mark"A 7 Figure Income"

"We're earning a 7 figure income and it is because of Ken McArthur who really gave us our start and a push in our business."

— Jane Mark

The Impact System is unique. It's the world's only comprehensive impact partnering system focused entirely on making sure that you get focus, build a solid financial platform and spread your ideas, products and services like wildfire to millions of people each day through the power of facilitated partnerships.

The Impact System drives ideas, products and services into the public eye every single day, because it is backed by the world's most experienced group of mass media specialists and an amazing team of world-class partners.

I'm talking insider contacts who really know the ropes, because they've put in their time on the front-line trenches.

Let's face facts. It really doesn't matter how great your product or service is if nobody knows about it, right?

I mean, many restaurants can cook a better hamburger than McDonalds. Heck, I'm not the greatest cook, but even I know I can fire up my grill and make a juicier, tastier burger than they could.

So if we can all cook a better burger, why does McDonald’s make more money than we do?

It's because McDonald’s has perfected a marketing message that not only reaches their audience (through their many media channels), but also drives hungry people to their restaurants in droves.

I'm sure you've seen their “billions served” sign. I think they're up to 100 billion, last time I checked.

McDonald’s has more than 30,000 restaurants across the globe, serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries every day.

Sure, the fast food industry has its ups and downs, just like any other. But did you know that in spite of it all, McDonald's still opens a new restaurant every four hours?

The bottom line is there are tons of places to choose from when you’re hungry for a burger. Yet with all their competition, McDonald's continues to walk all over them.  Do you imagine that McDonalds operates without partners?

And that's just ONE example of many. But for every success story you study, you'll notice a similar theme in how they achieved that success. All of them had to invent (or reinvent) a strategy to get their message delivered, and for their audience to take action.  And no one has success working alone.  They all have amazing groups of people who they work with.

The Impact System  takes all of this into consideration, and distills it down into manageable action steps that YOU can take today to start seeing record profits by leveraging the opportunities available to you.

Each business day, The Impact System  delivers a broad range of information of interest and significance to results-minded people, no matter where that information comes from. Not just tactics and strategies, but anything and everything in the whole, fast-moving world of ideas.

The Impact System  gives you all the cutting-edge ideas, knowledge, tools and direction you need—when you need it and the partners to turn it into magic.


How The Impact System Increases Your
Market Reach Better Than Anything You've Ever Seen

The amount of training resources in the Impact System is MASSIVE, the most comprehensive impact mentoring and partnering program in the world.

This system combines all the crucial important new ideas of the day with an in-depth personal assessment of your personal abilities, talents and resources to enable you to create massive impact.

Every phase of mass influence is covered. I'm talking about...

      • Publicity...
      • Turning ideas into action...
      • Identifying and leveraging networks...
      • Motivation...
      • Launch tactics...
      • Revenue building...
      • Automation and system development...
      • And much more!

Sterling Valentine Reveals How He Earned
“Over $100,000 In One Week”
From His Very First Product
With Ken’s Blueprint

"Last fall, I wanted to get free from my job and get into Internet Marketing full time. I had a lot of unfinished projects laying around, but success had eluded me up until then because I was missing the blueprint. What I was doing simply wasn't working, and I got sick of wasting time trying to figure out the formula for myself.

"That's when I met Ken and realized that he understood how infoproduct development works on the internet. He shared his Info Product Blueprint with me and I used it to create and launch my own product from scratch and generate over $100,000 in a little over 90 days. Ken's blueprint and guidance made my success possible.

"Now you've got the same opportunity to transform your life that I did. Imagine how it would feel to quit your job forever. That fantasy is a reality for me today. I'm finally free to pursue the life I always wanted to lead. Ken's blueprint showed me the way.

"If you're serious about succeeding, then you realize that you've only got three choices: you can do nothing, you can try to figure it all out and do it yourself, or you can get help. I can't think of a better way to reach your own success than following Ken's Blueprint. I decided to get help from Ken and look what it did for me!

"Remember… your dreams can come true. I'm living proof. If you're ready to claim your own Marketing success, then please don't miss your chance. This might very well be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Take advantage of it!"

Sterling Valentine

There's resource after resource inside the Impact System, filled with fascinating and significant information, gleaned from successful case studies—and from roaming deep behind enemy lines! But this amazing system doesn't rely on knowledge and information alone.

Eventually you're going to need someone who knows where the bodies are buried!

Picture two cars, side-by-side. One is a twenty-year old Ford with a full tank of gas, barely running, although it does putt along at a slow pace. Next to it is a brand new Ferrari with an empty tank. If you were driving the Ford and your competitor had the Ferrari, who would travel farther?

The Impact System is the gasoline that'll get you from point A to point B, while your competitors are left to go hunting for the nearest gas station.

The gas is what really gets you places, even though the car (your business) needs to use that gas to advance.

The Impact System is also the single best source for new ideas, research and statistics about creating personal impact. We pride ourselves in our "cutting edge" approach, and we're constantly on the lookout for new trends in the marketplace that can benefit you and your business (no one has the time to spot EVERYTHING—why not spend your time running your business instead?)

For example, in the system creation section there are helpful guidelines, easy-to-implement automation strategies, plus incredible insights from some of the top-experts in a comprehensive list of specialized topics that can deeply affect your personal impact.

But here's the clincher: Most of these strategies are recent developments we only added recently. The world changes rapidly, and it's this fast-paced change that leaves many businesses struggling to play "catch up." With The Impact Factor, you're notified about these trends BEFORE they occur, or AS they're happening.

It's easy to understand why many people have never experienced a coaching program or system that was customized to their needs and their situation.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to find something like this because I searched high and low to find a program like this without much luck.

For a long time, I was the one shelling out big bucks for the Ferrari, but not getting the precious fuel it needs.

Can you imagine how powerful and useful it would be to you, if there was a tailor-made program based on your ideas, knowledge, and skills?

Well, I have some great news for you...

My New Impact System is 100% Customized To Your Abilities
So You Succeed Even Faster!

When I decided to create this impact system I wanted it to be truly world-class. I knew that we needed to do some intensive research into EXACTLY what was working.

More importantly, we needed to know what was NOT working in existing paid mentoring, coaching and partnering programs.

So we contracted with the MBS Internet Research Center to poll thousands of people who had purchased paid mentoring, coaching and partnering programs to determine EXACTLY what was working and what was NOT from the viewpoint of people who had actually make that kind of commitment to success.

As you can imagine, the survey results about other programs were mixed! 

Some programs were just absolute garbage when it came down to the wire in the only thing that really mattered: results! Others received rave reviews!

But because the results of the story were so compelling, we decided to analyze the "best-of-breed" programs to see exactly what kinds of resources were being offered and what crucial aspects actually gave participants the ammunition they needed to topple their competitors and achieve lopsided, "over-the-top" success.

"Yep, I Cheated."

Once the survey results were in, I took everything that I couldn't find in any other mentoring, coaching and partnering program... and put it into my own.

I guess you can call that "cheating," but I thought, "who cares, as long as it works." And therein lies the million dollar question...

Does my Impact System  work?

It depends.

I cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours. Especially when a lot of other marketers out there are promising overnight success, where a push-of-a-button will instantly siphon $millions into your bank account.

Utter crap! I don't—and will not—ever stoop that low.

The truth is, nobody can guarantee your success. Only you can. Go back and read that sentence again.

But I can guarantee that you will be blown away by the powerful information and guidance you'll receive on your way to your own success story. I can guarantee that you'll have the same top notch tools and resources that have made millionaires out of us mere mortal folks before. And I can guarantee that if you disagree with me for any reason, you have nothing to lose and won't be out even one red cent. I'll tell you more about my "No Fail" guarantee in a moment, but first, judge for yourself...

Here's What Some Top Marketers
Are Saying About This Program ...

Once you take the first step and try The Impact System, I will listen to you intently, give you the tools, patners and "juice" you need to focus, strategize, and provide step-by-step support to help you get the results you want, and more importantly, deserve!

Working with me will be an interactive and intense experience, for sure. But it'll also be fulfilling, productive, focused and results-oriented, supportive, and even a downright fun experience. (Trust me, there's a LOT of fun in seeing yourself get to where you want to be, and watching everything fall into place and make sense!)

You’ll gain a greater sense of purpose, focus and direction.  You’ll develop a specific plan of action. And, you will learn to take specific, consistent action on things that are most important to you… every day.

You are in charge.  Bring your biggest personal and professional challenges, opportunities and dreams.  Bring an open mind.  Focus.  Be ready to take your life and your business to the next level of results, joy and fulfillment.

Who Is Ken McArthur?

Ken McArthur, best-selling author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World," has enabled thousands of people to achieve amazing impact by championing the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone.

The popular host of a series of live events that bring top-level marketers together to create multi-million dollar joint venture relationships -- he creates incredible, intense impact for product launches and multi-million dollar profits in surprisingly short timeframes.

Regularly asked to speak at leading marketing events, he has managed product launches ranked in the top 400 sites on the Internet.

Meet the man behind the curtain—the Oz of Internet marketing. Until now, Ken McArthur has been content to stay out of the limelight, quietly helping people like Sterling Valentine reach their potential (see below). But, as Sterling pointed out to him in his challenge, Ken was limiting his reach by staying behind the scenes, restricting his ability to help the hundreds, even thousands of people who could benefit from his experience.

And that was just a damn shame.

Now it’s time to pull aside the curtain and bring Ken forward to share his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ken has built his Internet marketing career on the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone. By creating websites and events that foster joint ventures and cooperative efforts, he has probably brought more people together for profit and growth than any other marketer on the scene today.


Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $101,153.00 in less than 8 days. Ken and Sterling documented the process as a “proof of concept” for Info Product Blueprint, which I'll tell you about shortly (and how YOU can get a copy of this $1,497.00 product for FREE!)

Ken has a mission, and that mission is to help everyone create positive impact. In order to prove that he could mentor someone to the top-ranks of success, Ken needed a test cases. And the first one was Sterling Valentine.

Creator & Host of Amazing  Events

From the beginning, Ken's events have been like no other conferences.

What started as an idea for a casual get-together of Internet marketing friends has grown into a series of dynamic events, combining top speakers, hot seats, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Above all is the spirit of collaboration that infuses every one of Ken's events, leading to many lasting friendships and profitable partnerships.

Ken's events have some of the highest repeat attendance rates of any events in the world. Ken is constantly amazed and humbled by how many people tell him that his events are the events they never miss. In an industry overwhelmed by event choices, this is high praise, indeed.

Owner and Co-Creator of

FACT: Impact Program members, have a combined base of over 35 MILLION subscribers.

Owner and Co-Creator of

Ken is also the owner of, which he co-created with Jim Daniels of AffiliateShowcase is an affiliate program search engine that you can customize and fill with your own affiliate links.

AffiliateShowcase allows you to promote all of your affiliate programs from a single website and increase your commission from all of your affiliate programs. With over 42,000 websites currently in its network, AffiliateShowcase is exploding at an amazing rate.

FACTS: The AffiliateShowcase launch sold over a quarter MILLION dollars worth of membership in just the first six months! And according to, AffiliateShowcase has more traffic going to it than the Pentagon during the war and is consistently ranked in the top 2% of all sites on the Internet in terms of traffic.

And Creator of…

Ken also created the MBS Internet Resource Center (a great resource site for people wanting to do business on the Internet), the Marketing Thoughts Blog, the MBS Internet Research Center, (a site that allows over 300,000 members to earn cash filling out surveys), and the PortalCube™ portal software system, (which powers many of his client sites and, of course, AffiliateShowcase) just to name a few projects!

What's Included In The Impact  Program?

IT’S YOUR CHOICE! -  YOU choose the level you want to participate at.

There are three core levels and each level requires MORE commitment and a DEEPER level of participation.

Impact Member Benefits

All Impact Members Will Receive the Following
Exciting Benefits

Impact Social Network

Members Only Impact Social Network

Creating powerful relationships is all about building real relationships with real people and our unique “Members Only” social network allows you to find, connect, converse and collaborate quickly and easily as you share you experiences, vision, knowledge, resources and dreams.

You can easily post joint venture offers to the entire group, discuss needs and problems with your peers, locate and review resources with people who have used them before and find partners to help you execute beyond your current mindset.

Perpetual Learning Series Webcasts

These crucial live coaching webcasts give you the accountability, knowledge and inspiration that practically forces you to achieve amazing results. 

There's nothing like being able to have your questions answered immediately on a live call. Each time you attend you will gain powerful NEW concepts, techniques, strategies and tactics that will make your impact unstoppable.

You know, there's a LOT of information out there. But after talking with thousands of people, the one problem they seem to have in common is turning that information into action! They need to make sense of it all and separate the diamonds from the coal. That's one thing you'll never have to worry about with a live instructor and a coaching group you can bounce ideas off of.

Since this is an ongoing program you will have plenty of time to come up with a marketing strategy (including market research, which we'll help you with), create a product, market it, and get results. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, not only showing you HOW to do it all, but giving you priceless feedback and guidance, even after you succeed.

In all likelihood, you'll easily recoup your investment many times over during this crucial "hands on" stage! And you have nothing to lose because of my personal foolproof "No Fail" guarantee! More about that in a moment...

This amazing group has an almost unlimited supply of world-class experts who can help you with almost anything you can imagine.

We have experts in psychology, persuasion, best-business practices, speaking, Internet marketing, publishing, packaging, legal matters, customer support, lead generation, list building, traffic generation, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Radio and Television, Off-line Media.

The list goes on …

That’s what the Perpetual Learning Series is all about.

Live Webcasts, specialized knowledge and expertise when you need it most, so you can get your questions answered live.

Hot Seat Webcast Series

We have a great place to showcase and test your best ideas!

Let our experts put it to the test and put your theory to work in the “real world and build instant joint venture partners for your launch at the same time!

That’s exactly what our Impact “Hot Seat” webcasts are all about.

Your project can be the focus for a jam-packed webcast full of potential top-level joint venture partners and new friends.

Listen in as our panel of experts takes our members latest and greatest ideas and put them through the “reality check.”

If you want to have significant success, you can’t do it with get rich quick schemes, quick fixes and zero effort, but you can do it with a well thought out idea, lots of work and some help from some of the best minds in the world.

Now all you need to do is come up with the great idea!

Don’t worry, even if you’ve never thought up an original idea in your life, you can still get some great ones by taking part in these special webcast events.

Imagine a team of Experts working with YOUR next great idea!

Our panel of top-level specialists are standing by to share their most cherished techniques and secrets with you!

Here’s the way it works …

As an Impact Member you are given the opportunity to apply to be on the “Hot Seat.”

Our panel selects the best ideas and those ideas are assigned a spot on the “Hot Seat” schedule.

The presenter of the idea prepares a 5 minute presentation to pitch their idea to the ”Hot Seat” panel of experts and all of the people who attend this webcast event.

Then the fun begins …

You get to listen in as our panel grills the person on the ”hot seat” and picks their project to bits.

Then we turn right around and build it back up with ideas from the best minds in business.

You KNOW you are going to pick-up some great ideas from this series whether you are in the “Hot Seat” or comfortably watching someone else squirm a little as these top-level professionals show you exactly (and specifically) how to take a starting idea and turn it into REAL money.

Impact Learning Center

"Discover How Successful Authors, Celebrities, Coaches, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Sites, Non-Profits and Corporations Use the Internet, Publicity, Joint Ventures, List Building, Social Media Sites, Radio, Television, and Web 2.0 Techniques to Drive MILLIONS of of Active, Targeted and Eager Fans, Clients and Customers to Their Best Ideas, Products and Services"

  • Joint Ventures
  • Publicity
  • Motivation
  • Persuasion
  • Publishing
  • List Building
  • Coaching
  • Internet
  • Newspapers
  • Television
  • Celebrities
  • Magazines
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Media
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Non-Profit Sponsorships

Imagine arriving at a flea market first thing in the morning—before everyone else arrives. Except this isn't your normal garden-variety flea market. You see brand new goods that normally sell for thousands of dollars in the big box stores.

Except here they're offering them for pennies on the dollar!

And the variety is incredible! You take a look around and realize they have everything here you always wanted for your home. For your car. For your leisure activities and hobbies!

You waste no time in mixing and matching, grabbing what you need and leaving the stuff you don't need behind for someone else.

In a way, that's just like tapping my 30+ hand-picked personal advisors, with a diversity of specialties, that I've connected with over the years. YOU pick and choose the direction you want to go. And the right advisor for the job will step up, raise his or her hand, and say, "I can help!"

All of them are here waiting for you to say "YES" so they can help you succeed in creating massive impact.

Within minutes you can be privy to hundreds of hours of inside information on a wide range of topics that you need to bulletproof your success!

Here are just a few of the topics for starters (more are being added all the time):

  • The 5 secrets of stomping the search engines. Get even one of these wrong, and you'll be whipped by your competitors!

  • How to write sales copy that grabs your readers by the eyeballs and forces them to whip out their credit cards (and thank you for it, too!)

  • The ugly truth about attracting joint venture partners (it's all about cementing relationships the right way), and the 3-step plan that moves partnerships into sweetheart deals that pay off handsomely!

  • The rapid-fire machine gun method to yank monster-sized profits from niche markets (Hint: go for the big fish and give them more of what they're already buying)

  • How the A.R.M. formula lets you crank out products that sell in as little as a weekend!

  • Why you need to look at the big picture and think strategically to get reciprocal linking

  • The astonishing success formula that positions yourself as the obvious expert (The sale is exponentially easier to close when they view you as a consultant, not a marketer)

  • The simple little strategy that automatically allows you to brand your brilliance every time (Donald Trump has this down—it's the reason why his name is plastered everywhere and associated with the finer things of life!)

  • 7 things all bloggers who make money from their blogs have in common. Learn this easy avenue to success and make money every time you sit down at your keyboard to write!

  • Eye-opening advice from publicity experts on getting FREE exposure for your products and services

  • The #1 rule for designing search engine optimization that works (And 3 essential keys to build a backlink farm that brings visitors running to you)

  • The proven "1-2 Punch" formula for creating bread and butter niche products

  • A little-known strategy to make your book a best-seller on Amazon!

  • How to use booklets to convert your prospects with atomic clock-like precision

  • The 6 critical mistakes most people make when they try to use multimedia to increase their sales (Making just one of them can actually decrease your conversion!)

  • 11 ways to grow your list by the thousands (Dangling a carrot in front of them has been a tried and true success in the past, and we'll cover those for sure. But these days avoiding the stick is even more potent!)

  • Leveraging the secrets of super affiliates to bring in a river of profits from affiliate programs. I'll be honest—some of these secrets are a bit of a grey area for me. I personally don't use them. But many marketers I know make a killing with them, and I'd be holding back if I didn't at least tell you about them and let you make up your own mind!

  • And much much more!

All of these presentations are from
top-level Marketing Experts like...

Anthony Blake, Phil Basten, Kevin Bidwell, Nathan Anderson, Mike Chen, Joel Christopher R., Holly Cotter, Jason Cox, Willie Crawford, Paulette Ensign, Carl Galletti, Michael T. Glaspie, David Garfinkel, Rosalind Gardner, Frank Garon, Randy Gilbert, Darryl Graham, Sid Hale, Doug Hudiburg, Jack Humphrey, Andy Jenkins, Gary Knuckles, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, James Maduk, Jason Mangrum, Jane Mark, KenMcArthur, George McKenzie, Paul Myers, Dr. Neil Shearing, Anik Singal, Jeff Smith, Damon Smith, Kim Thomas, Bryan Voiles, Peter Twist, Ramon Williamson, Eric Wyson and more...

We all learn in different ways, so we’ve put together a wonderful resource center with hundreds of resources in all kinds of formats. Whether you learn best by watching video, reading a special report or listening to an audio recording, you can find a wide range of educational resources in our Impact Learning Center which were created by some of the top experts in the world.

Here are just a few examples of the topics we cover …

- Brainstorming And Research
- 7 Steps to Creating Remarkable Projects
- How To Select a Great Domain Name and Register it
- How to Create Content
- Legal Issues for Info Product Creators
- Outsourcing Secrets
- Niche Research
- Product Development
- Internet Infomercials
- Adding Audio and Video To Your Website
- What is a Long-Tail Keyword?
- Building Products Quickly
- Products from Teleseminars
- Packaging
- Photography for Info Products
- Selling Products on Ebay
- Copywriting
- Designing Your Website
- How Live Seminars and Events Help
- Guide to Private Label Rights
- Affiliate Programs And Joint Ventures
- Launching With Style
- Building a Lifestyle Business
- Follow-up and Customer Support
- How to Destroy Your Business for Maximum Profit and Fun
- Social Media and Business Growth
- Protecting Your Intellectual Property
- Lead Generation

Live Workshops and Events

Live Workshops and Events

5. Live Workshops and Events

As part of your impact  membership  you are invited to a series of one-of-a-kind events where you get to personally meet some of the most successful marketers in the world and arrange exclusive partnerships and alliances with them.

Here's where your business will REALLY shine, as you can take all of the strategies and tactics The Impact Team shares with you and line up Joint Venture deals with million dollar marketers who are always on the lookout for the next profit-pulling idea! It can quite literally change your life overnight!

Remember, just ONE joint venture deal or attendance of my workshops and seminars can bring in enough capital to cover your investment many times over! That's not too difficult to do.

True story: At one of our events in Philadelphia, PA, Sterling Valentine gave a presentation, and during it he asked the audience to raise their hands and tell everyone what just one chance encounter with the right person at the right time had been worth to them.

One person stood up and announced, "12 million dollars!"

Now, I'll be honest and come right out and say that not everyone is going to make $12 million on their next deal. But it just goes to show you what's possible when you put a group of like-minded individuals together in the same room and let the magic happen.

The truth is, several DOZEN people raised their hands and said they had made deals worth anywhere from 4 to 8 figures.

And "Mr. $12 Million" does speak at jvAlert Live events from time to time as well! Do you think he could teach all of us a thing or two?

 I've Heard Enough! Let Me In!

Impact Pro Member Benefits

In Addition to ALL the Benefits of Our Impact Member Package - Impact Pro Members Will ReceiveYour Own Mastermind Team

"Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously employed the Master Mind principle."   — Napoleon Hill

One of the major factors that the huge MBS Internet Research Center survey on paid coaching and mentoring programs uncovered was the uniquely powerful influence of creating mastermind teams for successful coaching and mentoring programs.

Think of your Mastermind  Team as a mirror and a sounding board for you in an atmosphere of total and complete trust.  Your Mastermind  Team members will be eager to promote (and critique) your vision and encourage and motivate you as you progress.

Your Mastermind  Team will help you achieve your desires with less work, time and effort and help you implement new systems, shortcuts, approaches and technologies.

You can tap into the knowledge, research and experience of your Mastermind  Team to help expand your business, introduce new marketing strategies and tactics, acquire and retain customers, obtain financing, build and lead your management and sales team, or whatever your needs and desires.

But the most outstanding benefit of a Mastermind  Team is the accountability that exists when you share your personal and business purpose, vision, mission, goals and aspirations with others. This public commitment to others will help you stay focused and continue to take action that keeps you on track.

I can't tell you how many people have written or called me, or came to my office to tell me that the Mastermind Team made all the difference for them. Even thought they got great advice and guidance from their coaching, simply by telling their Mastermind Team about those goals were enough to make sure they followed through with action.

That's because they didn't want to get on that call and have to come up with excuses about why they didn't finish what they started (Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt every now and then!)

This Mastermind Team participation, is of course, entirely voluntary on your part, but I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want that extra edge.

See, the Mastermind  Team meeting provides a safe forum to fully express yourself and share the current challenges in your personal and business life. Everything is kept 100% confidential, and your Mastermind  Team will provide the emotional support you require to get you through the distractions that may slow progress towards your goals. In short, the Mastermind  Team serves as a solid support network for your business.

Impact Sponsored Projects

Impact will be pro-actively selecting projects to be launched under the Impact brand, putting together teams to execute the projects and splitting profits among the participants.

Think of an opportunity to work in a team environment where everyone profits from the results of each person’s special talents, resources and skills and leveraging the reach of the entire active community to get the word out about high quality products and services.

Or maybe you just need help finding the right partner for your own project.

Faciliatated Partnering

Facilitated Partner Matchmaking is customized help finding partners, service providers and resources for your projects.  Just submit a request and we will go to work for you putting you into contact with the people who will match your requirements.  Make life easier and let us help make you more efficient and profitable.


Impact Inner Circle Membership Benefits

In Addition to ALL the Benefits of Our Impact Member Package and our Impact Pro Members Package All Impact Inner-Circle Members Will Receive:

Personal Mentoring
Imagine the Difference Having Your Own
Personal Mentor Can Make

Let me ask you something. How many books and courses have you bought in the past? And out of those, how many can you say were directly responsible for a huge spike in your bottom line?

I'm guessing only a handful. Maybe even just one or two.

It's not that books and course lack valuable content. It's just that at some point you need to turn those ideas into bite-sized action steps you can take to ensure your success. And you'll eventually want feedback.

Let me explain.

No matter how great a print publication or CD or Video is, it's a one-sided exchange of information. If you have questions, it's not always easy or practical to call up the author on the phone and ask questions. It's practically impossible for the author of a book or course to give personal direction and feedback to everyone who buys their product. Let's face it. That's just not realistic.

Add to that the fact that many authors preach theory, not proven "battle-hardened" strategies and tactics (I mean where they put their OWN money on the line and get a real-world education in return!)

And that's where a time-tested mentor can really make the difference.

With a personal mentor, you've got a true two-sided exchange. You can bounce ideas off them and get valuable feedback, as well as the knowledge and that crucial direction you really need!

Another major advantage of having a mentor is: the knowledge and advice is personally tailored for you and your needs.

In the Impact System, you will be working direct with me personally.  I'll give you "hidden insights" into how consumers are thinking and spending. How ideas compete for mind share. Plus massive coverage of social media, Internet technology, mass media and marketing. Not to mention comprehensive features on the challenges of managing massive impact when you experience success.

And I'm not talking theory. I'm giving you a practical roadmap—a blueprint— that's been proven in the marketplace! That's important, because you don't want to stake your business on an idea some college professor proposes, but has never done.

Mentoring MUST be tailored to the INDIVIDUAL.  That's why it's so crucial to evaluate the personal resources and goals of each and every participant on an individual basis.

Sure, it takes more time, but that time makes all of the difference.  After all, none of us are exactly the same, so we can't create cookie cutter programs designed to force one-size to fit everyone! (After all, that's one of the differences between us and a static "course" or book, which can give some overall strategies or ideas, but can't customize that information for each person—not my rule, just the nature of the medium)

Each member of the  Impact Inner Circle  will receive a One-On-One Personal Impact Assessment Session with me personally.

This powerful one-on-one session will take stock of your current situation and recommend some potential approaches you can use to cut through the bull and get out there to make an impact (and a windfall) on what you'd otherwise miss out on.

 Each Impact Inner Circle Member receives  unlimited one-on-one phone, email and in person mentoring on an as needed basis directly from me personally. Members of the Impact Inner Circle are the ONLY mentoring clients that I will be able to personally mentor one on one.

Together we will take stock of your current situation and recommend some potential approaches you can use to cut through the bull and get out there to make an impact (and a windfall) on what you'd otherwise miss out on.

Invitation only group events with the Impact 150

The Inner Circle is the perfect way to move up into the highest possible levels of success and part of that is a close working relationship with the best of the best.  That's why Inner Circle Members are invited to participate in select "invitation only" events and projects with the top 150 members of the Impact Family.

The Impact 150
This is our highest level and EXACTLY where you want to aim to be.

Imagine this. Over 200 incredible people on average want to speak at every one of our Impact Events.

Over the years there have been thousands of top-level professionals and experts who have participated in our Impact programs.

Now we are hand-selecting top 150 professionals to be in our highest level — and no more.

These top-level pros will help set the standards for a new level of professional, ethical and powerful value-driven best practices.

Extra Benefits for members of the Impact 150

 - Increased Visibility, Positioning and Reach

 - Potential Speaking and Leadership Opportunities

 - Exclusive Impact 150 Partnering/Networking/FUN

 - Facilitated Masterminds/Partnering within the
   Impact 150

 - Joint Impact 150 Sponsored Projects

 - Combined Resources Shared within the
   Impact 150 Group

If you are chosen for the Impact 150, you will be working directly to build deep relationships with 149 peers who are already actively involved at the same level you are living.

You will have the increased visibility, positioning and reach that is created when a tightly knit group which has literally MILLIONS in its combined reach goes to bat for your projects.

This can expose you and your project and programs to a vast new community of potential clients and customers for all your best value driven offerings.

You will have the opportunity to propose joint Impact 150 sponsored projects and build partnerships within the group for your own ideas in an active partner/resource matching environment. You will enjoy the combined resources shared by a actively giving elite group of professionals to use to grow your business and your profits rapidly.

All of the Impact 150 are selected by hand from our members to make sure they are the best of the best.

Recommendations for available slots are made by existing members of the group and an invitation is issued to the best possible candidate when a slot becomes available.

There are only 150 total slots available, so invitations are few and far between - but well worth waiting for!

If YOU are the best of the best, all you have to do to be considered is to join our program at any level.

All Inner Circle Members get to work directly with members of our Impact 150 and there's no better way to get to the top.

BUT—unfortunately I can't accept everyone who joins.

After all, we're doing LIVE personal mentoring here, and that means there's only so many folks we can bring aboard. I wish we could help everyone, but this isn't just a digital "product" where we can reproduce an unlimited number of copies. Once we're booked up, that's it!

We Definitely Don't Want "Slave-Ship Seating"

How many people can we accept? Only 20 people can belong to our Inner Circle because I can't personally mentor more than 20 people - there's just not enough time in the day. I hope you'll act fast, because once we're full, I don't know when we'll be able to open the doors again.

What Does Millionaire Marketer Mike Filsaime
Think About Ken's Impact Partnering System?
(Click the "Play" button below)

Ken, I Want In On This NOW!


"I'm not one to throw testimonials around. In fact, I endorse just a few sites a year... I've done some powerful JV's over the years, that have yielded as much as $20,000 a pop. So I know the power of JVs. And now with your system, I'll be able to get in first, on the best products and services in my niche, without having to actively seek them out. This will save me tons of time finding those elusive high-yield JV partners.

— Jim Daniels

"What A Brilliant Concept!"

"What a brilliant concept! Finally, there's an easy, effective way to reach a group of willing people who can help you promote your product, plus, there are significant opportunities to get 'first dibs' on promoting new products to your own list. This is going to make a lot of money for a lot of people."

— David Garfinkel
"A" Level Copywriter and Copywriting Coach

"Incredible, And Even A Little Unbelievable!"

"Imagine building a system jammed to the gills with the top marketers in the world and allowing every single member to both post and respond to thousands of joint-venture deals posted in the system. So much for the old way of searching the Internet looking for somebody who may possibly, someday perhaps, maybe consider doing a joint venture with you. I know marketing, and I know joint ventures. This system will create many Internet Millionaires before its first anniversary celebration! Count me in!"

— Robert Imbriale
"The Motivational Marketer"

"I'm so MAD!"

"I'm so MAD! Why didn't I think of this? I HONESTLY believe this web site will be the FUTURE of joint venture marketing! How can it not be? You have most of the TOP MARKETERS all in one place to send your JV offer to. It's like joint venture marketing on STEROIDS!"

— Larry Dotson
"5000 Words & Phrases That Sell!"


A Money-Saving Investment
in Your Future

Let's recap everything you're getting with your  Impact System membership, and how it'll help send YOUR profits into the stratosphere!

Three Levels to Choose From

There are three core levels and each level requires MORE commitment and a DEEPER level of participation.

YOU can choose the level you want to participate at.

Level #1 – Impact Member:
Only $75 per month.

 - Make joint venture offers to the entire group
 - Members Only Social Network
 - Impact Learning Center (multimedia training)
 - Hot Seat Webcast Series
 - Perpetual Learning Webcast Series
 - Live Workshops and Events

Level #2 – Impact Pro: Only $123 per month

 - All of the benefits of the Basic Membership
 - Facilitated Joint Venture Masterminds
 - Eligible for Impact Joint Projects
 - Partner Matchmaking (Facilitated help finding partners, services and resources)

Level #3 – Impact Inner Circle: Only $997 per month

 - All of the benefits of Basic and Expert Memberships
 - Individual Personal Mentoring
 - Special "Invitation Only" Events for the Inner Circle and Impact 150

Now if you're still skeptical, you should know that you're automatically protected by...

My Personal 100% "No Fail" Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make this as much a "no brainer" for you as possible. In fact, I want to take out any risk for you whatsoever!

That's why I'm proud to offer my exclusive "No Fail" Guarantee: Try the Impact Factor Mentoring  and Partnering System for a full 30 days.

If it doesn't EXCEED your expectations in every way, and lead you to easily double or triple your investment, let me know IMMEDIATELY and I'll refund your investment in full, 100%! And we'll still part as friends!

I can make this exclusive guarantee because I know it's highly unlikely you'll need to use it! Why? Because once you make the decision to take action and let my team help you realize your dream, I'm pretty confident you're going to appreciate the MASSIVE jump in your profits.

And even IF in the unlikely circumstances you decide to cancel, I'll STILL work with you as best as I can to help you reach your goals and bring your business to the next level. (It's not about the money—I hate to see anyone fall short of their goals. It's just the kind of guy I am)

How often do you get guarantees like that?

But Wait... There's More

If you take action right now, I'm going to give you a very special bonus. 
The complete online version of Info Product Blueprint.

 It's yours FREE when you're among the first to come on board!

Ken, I Can't Wait To Get Started. Let Me In!

Here's a sneak preview of what's in the course:

Section One - The Making of Joint Venture Formula - Complete Video Set

This video set documents how I helped Sterling Valentine go from an Internet marketing rookie with no product, no partners, and no large mailing list to an “ instant” Internet marketing celebrity. Now you can see the entire process, behind the scenes, documented “as it happened.”

Section Two - Skill Set Videos - Complete 8 Video Set

  • Launching With Style—Mike Filsaime
  • Copywriting Basics—Carl Galletti
  • Internet Infomercials 101—Mike Koenigs
  • Selling Your Products—John Di Lemme
  • Photography for Info Products—Mary Mazullo
  • The 7 Steps for Creating Remarkable Projects—Michael Port
  • Two Complete Videos on Outsourcing Info Product Creation—Frank Sousa

Section Three - Skill Set Audio Audios - Complete 6 Audio Set with full printed transcripts

  • Using Audio and Video to Sell Info Products—Rick Raddatz
  • Selling Info Products on Ebay—Mike Enos
  • Building Content for Info Products—Lori Steffen & Jeff Wark
  • Customer Service for Info Products—JoAnna Brandi
  • How Live Seminars and Events Help You Create and Sell Info Products—Mike Ambrosio
  • Legal Issues to Consider When Creating and Selling Info Products—Bob Silber

Section Four - Case Study Audio Audios - Complete 5 Audio Set with full printed transcripts

  • Surefire Marketing Launches—Yanik Silver
  • The Affiliate Manager Launch—Anik Singal
  • Super Affiliate Handbook Launch—Rosalyn Gardner
  • Wedding Firesale Launch—Willie Crawford
  • E-Book Launch—Frank Sousa

Section Five - MASSIVE 674-Page, Comprehensive Info Product Blueprint Workbook and Action Plan

Here's a breakdown of all the modules you'll get:

Module 1: Brainstorming And Research

  1. Determine Your Objectives
  2. Fill A Need
  3. Research Your Market
  4. Research Your Competition
  5. Research Your Keywords
  6. Selecting A Delivery Method
  7. Name Your Project And Pick Your Domain Name
  8. Product Descriptions And Messaging Points
  9. Write Your Sales Page
  10. Consider Your Timing
  11. Pricing
  12. Select Backend Products
  13. Create An Action Plan

Module 2: How To Build Your Content

  1. It’s Your Turn
  2. Content Is King
  3. Good Content
  4. Why Should You Create Content?
  5. Uses Of Content
  6. Why You Don’t Create Content?
  7. It’s Time for Some Fun Idea Building
  8. Article Building – The Start
  9. Article Magic Technique
  10. Content Creation As You Talk
  11. Public Domain
  12. Private Label Rights
  13. Stealing Someone Else’s Content For Profit
  14. How To Make Money With Rebrandable And Source Code Software And Scripts

Module 3: Product Development

  1. Creating E-Books FAST!
  2. Adding Audio To Your Website
  3. Adding Video To Your Website
  4. How To Create Screen Captures
  5. How To Create Teleseminars
  6. Preparing Teleseminar Audio For A Professional
  7. Why Paying For Content Just Makes Sense

Module 4: Packaging

  1. How To Create Photographs
  2. Graphic Design Advice That May Save Your Life…Or At Least Your Project
  3. Exploring Your Packaging Options
  4. Doing It All Yourself

Module 5: Copywriting

  1. The Personal Touch
  2. Headlines
  3. Subheads
  4. Format and Layout
  5. Stories
  6. Testimonials
  7. Keyword-Rich Copy
  8. Reading Level
  9. Attention Span

Module 6: Designing Your Website

  1. Websites That Sell
  2. How To Capture Leads
  3. How To Work With Autoresponders
  4. Forums
  5. Blogs
  6. Google AdWords For Info Products

Module 7: Selling And Delivering The Product

  1. Making Sure The Order Goes Through
  2. Product Fulfillment

Module 8: Affiliate Programs And Joint Ventures

  1. Setting Up An Affiliate Program
  2. How to Leverage Your Assets With Joint Ventures

Module 9: Launching With Style

  1. Launch Overview
  2. Defining Launch Objectives
  3. Building Buzz
  4. Attracting Partners
  5. “But Wait There’s More…”
  6. Growing The List
  7. Public Relations
  8. Social Proof
  9. What Can Go Wrong

Module 10: Follow-up And Customer Support

  1. Follow-Up
  2. Customer Support
  3. How To Keep Building Your Backend For Repeat Sales
  4. Promoting by Email

Appendix A – Biographies

Appendix B – Resources

That's 14 Videos, 11 Audio Audios, the massive 674-page Workbook & Action Plan, a $1,497.00 value!
(But only IF you're among the first 50 to join)


And don't forget, you risk nothing with my generous "No Fail" guarantee.

Watch the brief video below to get a "behind the scenes" glimpse into Info Product Blueprint and Ken's mentoring of Sterling Valentine, who went on to rake in $101,153.00+ in his first few DAYS, as he went from total newbie to Marketing Superstar!

I Can't Wait To Turn My Business Around.  Let Me Get Started Now!

The choice is now yours.

You can do nothing and pretend it's simply impossible to reach a bigger market share (And gain the potential millions in profits as a result)

Maybe you have reached your theoretical maximum. You know, saturated your target audience. Maybe you're happy with the fortune you have and have no desire to aim for higher levels of success.

And perhaps you already enjoy the lifestyle most people can only dream about... getting up in the morning, checking in with the office to find business is booming before heading out to the beach with your family. Or the golf course with a few buddies.

If that's you, then maybe your mastermind team, Live events, master sessions, individual coaching and mentorship—plus the HUNDREDS of hours of education content by top marketers and the $1,497.00 Info Product Blueprint bonus (IF you're among the first to join) in the Impact Program should go to someone else who could really use it.

You can also keep doing what you're doing.

You know. Doing the same "me too" marketing and hoping for that "big windfall" that hasn't come yet. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping for different results. Do you think something like that might apply to marketing as well?

But how's that working for you so far?

Or you can tap these experts and start doing what some top marketers have been quietly doing under the radar... and seeing BIG results in their bottom lines.

Look, it's not rocket science.

There are definite actions you can take right now to pump up your profits. And there's a landslide of "how to" content out there to help you do it.

But trying to find it all—and separate the diamonds from the coal—can be a time-slogging challenge.

Let me be your guide. This is no time to "go it alone!"

Simply put our statements to the proof by joining our program today.

Just click on the button  below. And remember The Impact Factor "No Fail" Guarantee:

Try the Impact System for a full 30 days. If it doesn't EXCEED your expectations in every way, and lead you to easily double or triple your investment, let me know IMMEDIATELY and I'll refund your investment in full, 100%!

(Of course you can ALWAYS cancel this arrangement
at any point and never be billed again).

If you feel as we do that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you will want to find out without delay if The Impact System can do for you what it is doing for people like you right now. So please fill out the form now, and we'll start serving you immediately.

Just remember: although I'd like to bring aboard as many people who want to succeed as possible, there is a very real limitation on the number of folks we can accommodate.

Only 20 Slots are Available for the Inner Circle Membership.

That means as soon as The Impact Inner Circle  Program fills up, that's it! No second chances. So if you're serious about the future of your business, I suggest you get on board immediately—before it's too late!

Easy Instant Access to the
Impact Mentoring and Partnering  System

Sign me up NOW, Ken!

I'm ready to take the express elevator to the top. I want to inject new life into my business and target my prospects like a laser. More importantly, I want them to take action!

I realize the Impact System has all the tools, resources, and knowledge—plus options for individual personalized masterminds, facilitated joint ventures, Impact sponsored projects and personal mentoring— to help me do it.

I understand that:

  • Once my enrollment is successfully processed, you will grant me access to all the resources and materials described on this web page.

  • When I  join, I'll have access to hundreds of hours of insider information—the kind of information that can line my pockets and supercharge my success—and more importantly, tell me the specific action steps in plain English I can use to reach that breakthrough moment with my personal coach.

  • My investment is only $75 per month for the Basic Impact Membership.

  • Or ... I can get all of the benefits of the basic membership plus Facilitated Joint Venture Masterminds, Partner Matchmaking and become eligible for Impact Joint Projects for only $123 per month with the Impact Pro Membership. 

  • Or, I can grab all of the above PLUS PERSONAL MENTORING for only $997 per month  - (If and only if one of the 20 slots are available.)

I also understand that:

  • You make NO promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific income, result, or conversion rate as a result of joining. I realize that my market, my own efforts, and my business are all unique, and my results may vary from those shown or implied.

  • I promise never to publish, share, reveal, or allow unauthorized access to any proprietary materials I receive. I understand that this coaching and access to this sensitive and proprietary information is a privilege, and that disclosing this information will cancel my program irrevocably, forfeit all fees paid, and be punishable by law.

  • The first 30 days are 100% guaranteed by my "No Fail" refund policy. If I'm not satisfied within the first 30 days of my coaching, I can ask for a complete refund less any shipping fees.

Click here to Choose Your Level and Become a Member Today!

Join Now!


Subscribe safely and securely 24 hours a day. All major credit cards are accepted. Feel free to contact us with any questions or problems.

About those two guys on the couch I mention at the beginning of this letter? They started on the same couch together and together got started in the business world. So what made their lives in business different?

Remember, life provides outstanding rewards to those who give in outstanding ways.  Make a commitment right now to give and receive exactly what you most want from this amazing program.

I'm thrilled to be working with you!

All the best,


 Ken  McArthur

P.S. Remember, I was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $101,153.00 in less than 8 days. Sterling and I documented the process as a "proof of concept" in the Info Product Blueprint, which you'll get as a FREE digital online bonus. But only if you're among the first people to claim your spot! Don't wait and let your copy go to someone else!

P.P.S. Remember my "No Fail" Guarantee. You can't lose when you try my Impact Factor Mentoring System and see the difference it makes in your life. Try it for a full month with absolutely NO RISK on your part. And if you're not on your way to bigger and faster profits in the first month, just let me know and I'll not only refund very penny, I'll STILL try to find a way to work with you (if you wish) to make sure you succeed. After all, that's my real goal!

OK Ken, I Can't Wait To Get Started!

Note: If you have any questions or problems claiming your mentoring slot, please contact our Help Desk for a quick response.

What Does Millionaire Marketer Tom Beal
Think About Ken's Impact Factor Mentoring System?
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OK Ken, Let Me In

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